About Us

Hygiene Village Project (HVP) is a local NGO that implements water, sanitation, hygiene promotion and environmental management programmes/projects.

Our Team Members

Board of Trustees

Senior Management

Mr Roy Khonyongwa

The Executive Director


Roy Khonyongwa has been with Hygiene Village Project since inception. Roy is well known by his staff as an innovator and a servant leader during his time he has initiated more water, sanitation and advocacy projects. Roy has taken Hygiene Village Project to a greater height through the Organizations Capacity Development programmes offered by several developmental partners

Mrs Agnes Mpaha

Board Chairperson


Agnes Mpaha the Board Chair of Hygiene Village Project has accomplished with outstanding classroom management skills and a genuine passion for helping children all abilities to reach their full potential. She has taught at a wide range of primary schools across all sections from reception to standard 8. She has undertaken numerous management positions including head of standard 1 and 2 sections. After building a successful 17 year carrier in teaching through permanent positions, Agnes has built an extensive primary teaching skill set that allowed her to deliver engaging lessons, rigorous classroom management and impressive results in development and exams. As a Board Chairperson of HVP she is very much interested to see that no individual board member holds an interest that is in direct conflict with the interests of Hygiene Village Project

Mr Denson Simfukwe

Finance and Administration Officer


Denson, the Accountant for Hygiene Village Project is also the Administration Officer. He is responsible for everything that has to do with the financial health of Hygiene Village Project. Denson a hard worker is good at evaluating financial trends and make recommendations that reflect the best interest of Hygiene Village Project. He has worked at HVP since inception

Staff Members

Mr Ernest Maganga

Programme Officer

Miss Colles Nyirenda

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Miss Esther Ndembera

Field Officer

Mrs Grace Mbemba

Field Officer

Miss Shakira Chimbadza

Field Officer

Mr Myson Kumalira

Field Officer

Miss Tamandani Manyozo

Finance Assistant

Miss Cecilia Mvundika

Field Officer

Mr Nathan Banda

Field Officer

Mrs Cecilia Tunthuwa

Field Officer